Canadica Challenge – Name that Canadian Thing!

Canucks and Yanks share much in common. Well, to be fair, a lot of what we share is American in origin. McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, My Stange Addiction, Hummers (the vehicle), Oprah, and Atkins. I’m betting that most Canadians can name five U.S. presidents before they can name five Prime Ministers. American culture is gobbled up by us Northerners. Maybe it’s because y’all south of the border have a flair for the dramatic, and we can be a bit…er…polite. Maybe it’s a kind of cultural evaporation that causes reality TV and Taco Bell to float up and condense in our fair country. I could make a comment about neocolonialism, but I’m not here to write a Margaret Atwood essay. Whatever the reason, we are Yank junkies. The U.S. is our crack, and we can’t quit no matter how bad it gets.

There are, however, many things uniquely Canadian that we cunningly keep to ourselves. It’s a matter of national pride, after all. We’re not completely selfish, as is evident by our generous donation of the Biebs, basketball, and insulin, but I’m guessing that Canadian culture has not infiltrated in kind. Therefore, the first U.S. citizen to identify all these uniquely Canadian tidbits correctly will be named an honourary Canadian citizen for a month. This prize carries with it many perks.

1 – Reprieve from caring who our leader has slept with or where s/he was born.
2 – Opportunity to be slightly less hated when you travel abroad.
3 – Nobody really cares if you smoke pot.
4 – Learn to drive a skidoo and/or 120 km/h in a snowstorm.
5 – “Eh” etymology and proper usage.
6 – Die here and save big!
7 – Learn to wear a toque (pronounced “tuke”) without irony.
8 – Go metric and join the rest of the planet.
9 – Witness first hand the gluttonous rape of our natural resources to stuff the gaping American/Chinese maw!
10 – Be openly judgemental about Americans! Smug superiority is totally hot.

Anyhoo, without further ado…Name that Canadian Thing!
(BONUS PHOTOS!!! If you get these, you are more excellent than a two storey igloo.)

This post brought to you by Saradraws of Laments and Lullabies and the letter Z. Sara prefers hiding behind a computer instead of mingling with real people because she doesn’t have to brush her teeth or wear pants. Pants are the devil’s work. She is also fond of referring to herself in the third person. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn (she needs a job, please), and the crumbling precipice of her sanity.

187 thoughts on “Canadica Challenge – Name that Canadian Thing!

    • No residents or former residents of Canada (including Quebec) nor their spouses or families nor employees of any Canadian companies nor beavers nor coureur des bois are allowed to participate. Sorry.

      • I can’t believe I’ll be saying this… But this is the first time EVER I wish I was from the US……

  1. This is a lot tougher than I figured it would be. Let’s see, here’s the ones I think I knew right off the bat.
    Don’t know who the dude is. Yellow thing looks like a letter opener – probably has a name for it.
    Don’t know anything about the rocks. That bill looks like a paper nickle. I’m super smart to come up with that.
    The dude that invented basketball. I wrote about him a couple of months ago, on the anniversary of the invention, but forgot he was Canadian.
    That mac-n-cheese sure does look like some good Kraft Dinner. Thanks to the Barenaked Ladies for me knowing that one.
    Sweaty lollipop? Didn’t think so. Doughnut hole? Probably not.
    Don’t know about the coins. A case is a case down here. Don’t know that one either.
    Le Clown talks about poutin (sp?) all the time. But he’s never mentioned anything about a corn-dog.
    Looks like a big sleeping pill. And finally something that I know. SCTV. Just watched a documentary about that show.

    Did you know that if you Google ‘Canadian with a cat’ the picture above is the second one to come up? I Googled some of the others, but I’ll leave that off. 3 fer ain’t bad, right? Thanks for making me feel dumb. We Americans need more of that.

  2. Okay, I admit right off the bat that I don’t know all of these.
    1) Stephen Harper smiling, with a kitten!!!!
    2) I assume it’s some sort of hook you use to clamp your igloos to the ice.
    3) Some sort of inuksut (shoutouts to my native Canadian homeys!)
    4) I admit that I know about these from a friend of mine who grew up in Windsor. The tire money coupon deal.
    5) I have no idea but I like Brother Jon’s answer.
    6) Since when is Kraft Mac & Cheese Canadian??
    7) Are those Tim Horton’s donuts? We get them here too now, but I’m told that they’re not nearly as good down here.
    8) I have Meizac to thank for knowing about loonies and toonies.
    9) A gaggle of Molson. You know, because Canadian geese come in gaggles, so I figure your beer does too.
    10) I know about poutine thanks to Le Clown, of course.
    11) Looks like a corn dog, but that’s 100% Amurican. So I’m going to say it’s battered deep-fried moose dong.
    12) Yeah, yeah, we know. You pronounce it “Zed.”
    13) SCTV? Come on, even us Yanks know this one!!

  3. Hysterical post! As far as all readers south of the border it sounds like all knowledge of Canadiana can be traced back to Le Clown.

  4. Apparently my 5 years spent suffering on a freezing Saskatchewan prairie as a child did nothing for me. I identified Stephen Harper, and then I was at a loss. I shall go hang my head in shame. Then again, in my defense I was only elementary-school aged at the time. And I do know what a toque is.

  5. 1. The Canadian Mr. Rogers
    2. Box cutter – you terrorist.
    3. How did Stonehenge get to Canada? You guys steal everything.
    4. Le Monopolet Money
    5. The dude who invented basketball was from Canada? I remember reading some crap about that in P.E.
    6. Mac n cheese and ketchup? Two things that make up the bulk of one daughter’s diet.
    7. Maple syrup. My Canada knowledge is extensive.
    8. Donut holes. Part of daughter 2’s main diet.
    9. You call them change and then exchange them with American money so that those in the Northern states will use them as their money and no one will know the difference or care.
    10. Twigs dipped in caramel. Of course.
    11. Corn dog. Daughter #2 again. Yes I am Mom of the Year.
    12. The letter of the day? In metal?
    13. Someone already got the answer to this right, but I’ll say its Mr. Rogers: the Expanded Universe.

      • I can do better than that!! Let’s see…

        The rock formation is called an Inukshuk. Is that how you spell it? I remember it from my Peak 2 Peak gondola ride in Whistler last year.

        That macaroni and cheese has ketchup on it, right? I didn’t know Canadians did that! I thought only people from the South in the US did that.

        That guy with the basket is the person who invented basketball? Not sure what his name is.

        OBVIOUSLY there’s a corndog in there. Something Canadians stole from us!

        I think that Z is there because you guys pronounce Z as “zed”, is that right? ZED?! HA!

        That money is called loonie, right? Makes sense. Who uses coins for dollars? THAT’S loonie.

        That case of beer is called “a good weekend”

        I solemnly swear I did not read the comments above. Seriously.

      • I forgot about the bags of milk!! (My cousins live in Ontario and we used to visit and laugh at the bags of milk) I know Stephen Harper because Detroit gets Canadian TV and I always used to watch a lot of This Hour has 22 Minutes and Rick Mercer. For awhile I knew more about Canadian politics than US 🙂

      • We can’t get the CBC here anymore and it so bums me out!! And I haven’t seen Rick on Netflix or anything. I’ve had withdrawals and now I have no idea what’s going on north of the border (technically, the border is actually a bit south for us here in the Motor City!) PS…I LOVE the 22 minutes woman who dresses like Xena Warrior Princess and has the @#$*s to just walk up to prime ministers and the like and chat. And they ANSWER her! I love it!!!

  6. this is feckin hard. i’m going to go backwards just to be an arsehole… okay…

    tv show – has got to be sctv – second city tv ’cause i see martin short in there. i’ll never name them all. i’m not the biebs for feck sake.

    z money — coins thrown at canadians when healthcare won’t cover certain things can be exchanged for medications – asthma, suppositiories and the like. and no i haven’t spelled that correctly…

    corn dog – but, i think in canada they call it ‘reindeer paw’

    poutine – so wrong, it’s right

    “duck bucks?”

    i would call a case, “le shitz,” but i’m not sure if that crosses the border

    donut holes – universal – maybe moose balls in canada?

    dear god – caramel plucked from the nether regions of father christmas and then twirled on a stick for consumption? i do want to know what this is…

    project poutine? council poutine?

    basketball. plain and simple. canada created it, america perfected it. well not me, terrible at it, but our black people = good.

    bermuda triangle 5 cent bill.

    mini stonehenge

    a feckin’ hook….

    i must know who this man is… dying to know… is it the ‘star wars kid’ (also canadian) all growed up?

  7. The yellow thing is used to cut a bag of milk, which is so freakin’ weird I can’t even tell you. You drink milk from a carton! The beer, duh, I have Irish blood running through my veins. I know my al-kee-hol. The gooey stuff on a stick……isn’t that the candy you make in the snow with maple syrup? The rest of it? I’ve got no clue. I’m an American. We pride ourselves on ignorance of other cultures/countries. I won’t count the poutine because I’m a follower of your husband’s blog and he never shuts up about that stuff.

  8. 1. Dave Foley’s brother separated at birth
    2. It cuts things, like bags. A chip bag opener. Eh?
    3. Stonehenge of the West (apparently Canadians are copycats)
    4. A tip
    5. The dude who invented basketball with the peach basket. Mr. Peach Basket
    6. Mac n Cheese n ketchup = breakfast of champions
    7. maple syrup from a sugarshack. mmmmmm.
    8. Donut holes. They are called Munchkins in Boston…..close, right?
    9. The Golden Loon
    10. Case of the golden piss
    11. Bonus 1 – poutine!!!! sooo delicious
    12. Bonus 2 – that’s a corndog. Maybe they morph into reindeer dogs up there or something.
    13. Bonus 3 – Canadian version of Ambien, called Zambien. Instead of sleep eating, it makes Canadians say rude things in their sleep and then apologize right after
    14. Bonus 4 – Laugh-in’s cousin, Le Laugh.

  9. OMG…. My Canadian Nana made butter tarts, I didn’t know that was a Canuck thing. I don’t know many of these. But I will try.
    1. Stephen Harper, your PM, because I saw someone else’s answer.
    2.Letter opener with a magnet on the back and a hook so you can hang things on your refrigerator before you open the mail.
    3. Stonehenge but in Canada.
    4.Canadian Green Stamps
    5.Apparently the guy who thought of basketball, kinda wish you had kept that.
    6. Kraft Dinner, thank you Bare Naked Ladies
    7.Maple Syrup canady (get it?!) also to be found in Vermont. Socialists love maple syrup candy.
    8.Donut holes. I puked in the 3rd grade from eating too many donut holes.
    10. Breakfast
    Bonus 1: Back Bacon Maple Syrup casserole
    Bonus 2:Heyyyy, Corndog!
    Bonus 3: Button missing from your alphabet sweater
    Bonus 4: Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Katherine O’Hara, Harold Ramis and others on a comedy show in Canada that isn’t Second city or maybe it is.

  10. I think Canada is way cooler than the US, but I will not let you people (said in the style of Ann Romney) of get away with thinking that Macaroni in a Box (Kraft or otherwise) with Ketchup is something Canadian.

  11. I didn’t read the comments before answering, to make it clear.

    1.) Scary Stephen.
    2.) Canadian Pac-Man.
    3.) Inuit Stonehenge.
    4.) A 5 cent dollar bill, because Canada does everything backwards. Bills for change and change for bills.
    5.) James Naismith? Was he Canadian?
    6.) Macaroni and cheese with ketchup, apparently.
    7.) I’m guessing that’s raw maple sap or molasses.
    8.) Not Dunkin Donuts, so–Tim Horton’s?
    9.) A loonie and a toonie.
    10.) A Canadian cocktail party.
    11.) Poutine.
    12.) That’s a corn dog. You can’t fool me.
    13.) Zed.
    14.) That’s Ed Grimley, so I’m guessing SCTV. Martin Short is terrifying.

  12. I am going to stop telling people that my ancestors lived in Canada during the French Canadian War. Being American, I know absolutely nothing, except that picture number 11 is poutine. I do keep a small roster of hot Canadians in the back of my head. Evangeline Lilly, Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Sarah Polley… I also like several Canadian musicians, particularly Chantal Kreviasuk, Barenaked Ladies, and Sarah McLachlan. Sadly, I know nothing else about Canada…

    I do, however, know that penguins do NOT live at the North Pole, only Santa… Which brings me up slightly from my grand score of -13.

    • Whoa. You just brung the game to a new level. This is more exciting than a curling match!
      I’ll give you one point for the poutine, and four points for talking about Ryan Gosling. Yup, I’m that easy.
      Oh yeah, an extra half point for not mixing up penguins with Santa or vice versa.
      5.5 points!! (That’s less in miles, though).

  13. Does a US resident qualify for the prize? Oh, wait, I already won that prize – which includes (drum roll, please…) Canadian Health Care! Yay.

    Anyway, in order –

    1) Steve-o Harper
    2) Emergency Seat Belt Cutter
    3) Inuksuit – Inuit Rock Stacking
    4) Canadian Tire Money
    5) James (“Big Jim”) Naismith – inventor of basketball
    6) Mac & Cheese
    7) Freshly Boiled Maple Syrup at a Sugarbush (first one of those I went to was in Michigan!)
    8) TimBits
    9) A Loonie and a Twonie
    10) A two-four of Canadian, Eh?
    11) Poutine, or Heart Attack on a Plate
    12) Are Corn-dogs Canadian?
    13) Zed
    14) SCTV (An Abbreviation for Second City TV, a show which originated with the Second City Comedy Group in Toronto – a contemporaneous offshoot of the “Second City” comedy troupe in Chicago which featured Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and John Belushi)

    In the photo:

    Andrea Martin (Edith Prickley, SCTV Station Manager and Melonville notable)
    Catherine O’Hara (Later in “Home Alone” with MacCauley Culkin)
    Harold Ramis (“Ghostbusters” with Dan Aykroyd)
    Eugene Levy (The “American Pie” Franchise)
    Dave Thomas (as the Beaver)
    Martin Short (as Ed Grimley)
    Joe Flaherty (as Count Floyd)

    Now where’s my moose?

    • DAAAAD!! You can’t play! You have insider info. SHEESH. But for the record, 2, 6, and 12 are not the correct answers. Or at least, not the ones I’m looking for.
      So, no moose for you, Cheaty McCheater pants.
      But you can stay at the luxurious Chez Robilomas suites anytime, for free. I know a guy.

      • But. but. but… you said all I had to do to win a moose was to identify the TV show and the people in the picture. Geez…

        And if 12 is NOT a corndog, it’s so ambiguous as to be a cheaty trick question. It looks like a corndog, damn near smells like a corndog. If it ain’t a corndog, you better have a really, really good alternative explanation!

        And 2 is pretty ambiguous as well. They sell those at Canadian Tire for cutting your seat belt if you can’t undo it normally after a crash… Fine. If you prefer to use it to cut open milk bags, so be it, but no one ever got burned to death in a flaming milk bag wreck!

        Mac & Cheese vs. Kraft Dinner? It was mac & cheese before Kraft (a giant American conglomerate) got ahold of it, and twisted the language around in the interest of brand identification!

        Give me my goddam moose!

    • Listen you…it clearly states in the body of the post that this is for U.S. Citizens only. Your extended California vacation doesn’t count. I also list the exeption rules two comments down. Since you were actually coureur des bois in the 70’s.

      • Dammit, Daughter, you are denying me my constitutional privileges as a green-carder. As a legal resident of Amurka, I have the same constitutional rights and protections as a citizen, which is one of the great aspects of the government established by the founding fathers…

        Wait… oh, that’s right. I forgot. Those constitutional protections for legal residents were revoked by the Bushies in their just pursuit of the evildoers. No more habeas corpus, no more right to counsel, no more right to face one’s accuser, no more right to know the charges being brought against one, no more right to a speedy trial, no more protection from incarceration without charge.

        On second thought. Keep your damn moose. Us rugged individuals don’t need no sissy prizes.

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  15. 1. Ya’ll’s Prime Minister pretending to be Canadian Mr. Rogers with a cat instead of a train set.
    2. A chip clip that doubles as a baggie cutter?
    3. Border Customs
    4. Tire Store money
    5. The guy who made basket ball. I guess it was more literal in his day.
    6. Mac and Ketchup
    7. Maple syrup, maybe a maple sucker?
    8. Donut holes
    9. Pence
    10. A crate of beers?
    11. French fries with pop corn and syrup? (Brent did inform me that this was Poutine, but I thought poutine was a kind of chocolate ketchup.)
    12. Corn dog
    13. A sort
    14. A couple of the people from “Best In Show” with some other folks. (Brent says SC TV)

    • I’ll give you half points for 1, 7. Full point for 14 and 11, because 11 sounds pretty good, and 14 made me laugh. You, fir Liz, have earned your Southern self three full points. That’s almost a gallon!

  16. The Ringmistress,
    Moi je pourrais faire comme ton père, et participer et répondre à toutes les questions… Mais à quoi bon, c’est tricher… M’enfin, ce n’est pas vraiment grave.

    Ton concours est super, mon amour. La pente sera difficile à surmonter pour les prochains blogueurs…

    Vive le Canada libre!
    Le Clown
    PS: Est-ce que les gens parlent français au Canada? Ou est-ce seulement anglais et espagnol?

  17. Ok, here goes. I’m not stealing my wife’s answers, and I don’t give two bald eagles about Canadian culture. That said…

    1) Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s #1 political export.

    2) A tool used by hooking it over a half-down window to simplify breaking it during a carjacking. While I was honeymooning in Canada, I was carjacking 3 times, once by Pierre Trudeau.

    3) America’s literal hat.

    4) Play money.

    5) James Naismith, inventor of basketball. Remember: A Canadian invented it, but it took an American to put a hole in the bottom of the basket.

    6) A heart attack disguised as a heart.

    7) Maple syrup. I can’t say anything bad about maple syrup.

    8) Donut holes. In America, they’re bigger.

    9) Tiddlywinks

    10) “Supper”

    11) Poutine. My wife almost threw up when she read the description of this “delicacy”.

    12) A corndog! But that was invented in Texas.

    13) Zed.

    14) SCTV! And a sampling of modern Canadian hairstyles.

    I hope they’ll me back into Canada on my 10th anniversary.

    • Okay… I wish, the hijackers would have to be very tiny, we have strong necks for a reason, might as well be, I need proof, half point for that one, you’d BETTER NOT, holes do not have substance, occasionally, YES, hold her hair, yes but no, yup, Yes and yes. Regarding the last comment, you my have to bribe the border guards with “tiddlywinks” and “donut holes”.
      You get 6 points. Don’t spend them all in one place.

    • There WAS a hole in the peach basket, but only large enough for a broomstick to pop the ball back out. Oh, how I miss, “Part of our Heritage” commercials. “I smell burnt toast” was such an educational statement growing up. Oh, Dr. Wilder Penfield. …Or something like that.

      • I drop the “burnt toast” reference into a conversation from time to time, just to see if anyone’s listening. Those who ask me if I’m about to have a seizure are keepers.

  18. Sara, this is hilarious. I especially loved the Canadian “I’m Sorry” youtube video. I seriously must have some Canadian roots.

    1. Steven Harper with kitten (looked it up to find pics of him).
    2. Bright yellow clippy thing to hold your bright, colorful money wads
    3. Stone hedge thing is symbol for 2010 Vancouver olympics
    4. I don’t know a nickel in the form of your Monopoly-like money? (ours are made of tin)
    5. I suck at American history so I have no clue on this guy holding balls
    6. Mac n cheese with a ketchup heart. This is American.
    7. Hardened maple syrup on a stick that melts in the sporadic sunlight or when it gets near human body temperature.
    8. Canadian donut balls (we call them holes)
    9. I don’t know.
    10. A case of Molson’s? A Molfamily?
    11. Canadian delicacy: poutine.
    12. Rolls of Canadian bacon encased in breading on a stick to mimic America’s corn dog?
    13. A Canadian doorbell. Like the money, I don’t get it.
    14. Canadian’s version of Desperate Housewives and Househusbands, a?

    I am not at my best healthwise right now, so please throw me a point or two for participating.

    Loved the post, Sara. You and Moms are a hard act to follow.

    Your American friend,

    • Brigitte! You get three points for your correct answers, another point for Molfamily, and one pity point for your sickipoo self. 5 points baby. I hope that makes you get well soon…

    • Yes, you get to play, but only in your head. Any Canadianness by blood, marriage, bestfriendship, location, or living in Vermont disqualifies. Another player had a husband from Ontario (our largest city) and I had to send huskies after her.

  19. this was awesome and I am late to the party, My brain is fried just reading the comments. well done well done.. I bow to the Canadian Masters..
    a tired American gal

    • Hey, late to the party makes a girl farty. It’s a classic Canadian saying. Go ahead and run with it.
      There are indeed many comments, which is why I stopped reading and just assigned points arbitrarily. I’m practicing to be a Canadian politician.

  20. I’m from southern Nevada so I might do better guessing about things from Mexico because it’s closer – I’ll give it my best shot:
    1. I think it must be some kind of toupee made from cat fur?
    2. This looks like it would be good to cut open that crazy plastic packaging everything comes in these days.
    3. Is this the Canadian Stonehenge? We have one in America too – its in Nebraska and is made of old cars. It’s almost as nice as this one.
    4. Is this a really thin wooden nickel?
    5. I’m pretty sure that’s Naismith or Nesmith – he invented Basketball.
    6. Ketchup on Kraft Dinner – in childhood we often pair this with fried baloney. In college this satisfies a bad case of the munchies.
    7. Syrup pop?
    8. Dount Holes
    9. Brass Duckles?
    10. A Brick of Molson?
    1. Moose Tracks
    2. Pronto Puff
    3. Zed!
    4. SCTV

    Whew! How’d I do?

  21. Being a Brit and therefore from the “First World” I’m going to be totally honest and say that I only knew the Loony and Toony, on top of which my eyesight is too bad late at night to be able to see some of that stuff clearly enough.
    My eyesight is now even worse having scrolled all the way through the comments because I can’t see a damned thing through the tears of laughter.
    What I know for sure is that “Canadica Rocks” and that “I’ll be back”,.. as someone once said, allegedly.

    • British!? I think that makes you my father, or my boss, or something.
      I’ll give you a point for the Loonie/toonie answer. But I’m taking it away again because we have your Queen on our money and you can’t even be bothered to call.

      • What ?! Auntie Lizzie called on you a few years ago, I’m sure she did, and if she didn’t she would have been sure to send a card at Christmas.
        Anyway, I feel really miffed that you took my point away because in real life i’m an Honorary Newfoundlander and that took a hell of a lot of hard work to achieve. (Well, actually it took a hell of a lot of alcohol, but that’s close enough.)

  22. Laughing my ass off! My favourite line: “The smile is a freak occurence. The kitten strangling is not.” Now I have to go back and read all the comments…

  23. 1. Poutine
    2. Poutine
    3. Rock Poutine
    4. Paper Poutine
    5. Jeffrey Naismith Basketball Poutine
    6. Kraft Dinner Poutine
    7. Maple Poutine
    8. Duncan doughnut hole Poutine
    9. Looney Poutine and Twoney Poutine
    10. Canadian Pride Poutine
    11. POUTINE
    12. Poutine Corn Dog
    13. The Last Poutine
    14. SCTV (Scissors) Poutine – Bela Lugosi, Martin Short, Gabe Kotter, Harold Ramis et. al.

  24. My stomach hurts from laughing….the comments are as funny as the post! Tonight I’ll fall asleep feeling proud to be Canadian! When is the American quiz coming??

    • Oooohh…that would be a good one. It would have to be fiendishly clever, though, since we know way too much about the U.S. They overshare. Everything. All the time.
      I’m happy you got a kick out of it. It was fun to write but I think it was more fun to read the responses.

  25. Love love love the pics you chose!! So many memories! I haven’t thought about the second picture in a long long time! And its definitely an east/west thing because we never used them in BC, but definitely in Ontario and Quebec. The case of beer is funny…when I was growing up in Ontario a ‘case’ referred to 24; then I moved to BC in high school and found out a case there was only 12. I thought they were beer wimps. I have no idea what the round thing with the Z on it is….

  26. lmao – I couldn’t name a single one of those things but I’m Australian so it’s ok. 😀 You have whetted my appetite for more travel though. Seriously, what /are/ those things????

  27. Well, I of course clicked on this last night to see what I have been missing. Then it was aftermidnight and I was so worked up with the giggles and milk bags? By the by Canda, milk bags sounds like something a young buck may call his lady’s bubbies. I did know about four of them. Le Clown helped with a fifth, as it appears he did with everyone. Le Clown is so generous. I’m confused on the corn dog, but i’m thinking it has to do with name, not what it is. I didn’t know about the kitten strangler, and I think my childhood is greatful for that missed Canadian treasure. Well done!

  28. I don’t think Mac’n’cheese is canadian..only the way you call it KD is. Same for the corndog/pogo lol. I could get almost every single one of those without google, and I AM american, but I’ve been living here for a few years, so I’m not sure that’s fair.

    • You are slowly being assimilated, kind of Borg style, but without the cool spacecraft or up-to-date technology. Similar sense of humour and fashion sense, though.
      In other words, you are not eligible. True that corn dogs and mac and cheese are american, but the fact that they’re called something different here is VERY IMPORTANT. It’s a matter of national identity.

  29. Reblogged this on Kimberly's Cave and commented:

    OH tooooo funny. Be sure to read ALL the comments attached. I challenge my new Australian friends to give it a go! I’m scheduled to write a post for this blog but after reading all the hilarity that is already there I am nibbling my nails with anxiety. And I’m not a nail-biter. Yipes!! Do enjoy.

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  31. Is it weird that I don’t recognize the yellow thing? I can guess a few uses for it, but don’t feel it’s particularly Canadian, or really…anything? lol. And I had no idea KD was a Canadian exclusive. Never could stomach the stuff.

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