Canadica Challenge: The Answers and the Winners

Just a quickie, I swear.
Here are the answers to the quiz.
1) Stephen Harper (killing a kitten)
2) A milk bag cutter a.k.a Snippet (also useful for chip bags and circumcisions – ask Tracy)
3) An Inuksuk (not the Vancouver Olympics mascot which I thought was a frickin’ travesty)
4) Canadian Tire Money
5) James Naismith, inventor of basketball (My hometown is right beside his hometown)
6) Kraft Dinner (with ketchup)
7) Maple Taffy or Tire D’Erable (This is what God’s blood is made of, I’m certain)
8) Timbits (from Tim Horton’s)
9) A Loonie and Toonie (variations of spelling accepted)
10) A two-four (of beer)
Bonus 11) Poutine (the cure-all)
Bonus 12) A Pogo (a close second to poutine)
Bonus 13) The letter Zed
Bonus 14) The cast of SCTV including Catherine O’Hara, Dave Thomas, Martin Short, Harold Ramis, Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy, and Joe Flaherty

Many of you WERE SO CLOSE…it was frickin’ agony, really. I awarded half points when you either came close or made me spray [insert drink or bodily fluid here] all over my keyboard (by laughing people…let’s keep this PG).

Some of the shining moments included:
“sweaty lollipop” (Brother Jon),
“battered deep-fried moose dong” via Madame Weebles,
“Mr. Rogers: the Expanded Universe.” courtesy Aliceatwonderland,
“YOU FREAKING WEIRDOS” proffered by Jen and Tonic
“the ‘star wars kid’ all growed up” a la Sweetmother,
“A tip” from Lyssapants,
“Socialists love maple syrup candy” offered by Maggie O’C,
“Canadian Pac-Man” from Mysterious Christopher,
“Ryan Gosling” (THANK YOU Love & Lunchmeat),
“border customs” from the lovely Liz,
cheeky Brent submitted “a sampling of modern Canadian hairstyles”,
“A Molfamily” thanks to Brigitte,
the always illuminating Speaker7 with “the Canadian King of the Kittens”,
“some kind of toupee made from cat fur” via Artsifrtsy,
“Jeffrey Naismith Basketball Poutine” from Cathy,
and “Explosive gas” brought to you by Rutabaga.

Honourable mention goes to my dad who cheated like Jesse James, but still made me laugh. I had to disqualify my own father. The things I do for you guys.

The official winner is Mysterious Christopher who got something like 10-ish right. He will be an honourary Canadian for a whole MONTH. May the beer run freely and the toques be warm.
All of you were right in your own special ways, and really, we’re all winners here at Canadica.

That’s a lie. It’s just Christopher.

Extra sticky love to all the folks who reblogged and otherwise shared this thingamajig. You
make my perma-freezed heart melty

I love summer. Wish you were here!

32 thoughts on “Canadica Challenge: The Answers and the Winners

  1. Well – it’s clear I need to study up if I am ever to pass as a Canuck. My Grandpa called Mac and Cheese “Kraft Dinner” as well – but he was from Nebraska – I thought it was a farmer thing. Go figure.

  2. My victory parade will begin in lower Manhattan, travel up Broadway, through New York State along the Hudson River and along Lake Champlain, eventually crossing over the St. Lawrence River where it will come to its final stop in downtown Montreal. Then the invasion begins.

  3. You see, these are all the results of U.S. school systems. Sad, sad, sad. My fav is Canadian King of the Kittens. Are you sure there isn’t a Canadian king? I’ve been reading the wrong history books here.

  4. Mystery Christopher stole it from me, eh! I’m half Canuck. Kraft dinner forever! I’m going to go put my dear departed used to be Canadian father’s toque on!!! and it’s still hot here. Thieving bastard.

  5. Clearly I’m going to have to go to Canada for myself because I understood the answers no better than the questions 😦 Inuksuk? Poutine? Canadian Tire money????? Help!

  6. This Yank, who is, thanks to great-grandparents, Canadian-American, really needed the pictures to go with the answers. My very tiny bit of Canadian blood was not helpful with just the answers. But, I was right on four. Go me!

  7. New Hampster native HEEllis shoved me down a rabbit hole, and I came out here. I’ll have to leave a trail of TimBits crumbs, so that I can ride my moose back here at least every Wednesday.

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