Canadica is the brainchild of SWEET MOTHER.

However, much like a nation, it is an idea that would not have come to fruition without the help of many.  In Latin, I believe they say, “E Pluribus Canadica-unum,” or “Out of Many, One-Canadica.”  Well, you get the goddermned idea.

Anyway there are two other people besides Sweet Mother who have made this blog possible and I mean really possible:  They are the gifted and talented:  LE CLOWN OF CLOWNINESS AND SARA OF LAMENTS AND LULLABIES.

We are hoping the tone and sentiment of this blog will be set by Sweet Mother, Le Clown, Sara, and Speaker 7.  The idea is simple, really, Canada and America as written about mostly by Canadian and American bloggers.  The four above will start and then tag, YOU, are it…and then, well, and then…

…After that, we are hoping the blog will take motion like some kind of wild beast on those sneaker-skates that children wear, set loose with a push, through a crowded mall.

Each post is the magic of the writer who is given a byline and credit back to their own blog below the piece.

Our hope is that Canadica will live on in infamy and hilarity.

“God Speed,” as the Americans say.

Or as the Canadians say…

“In Linda Evangelista, we trust!”

13 thoughts on “About

    • bwwwaaahhhhhhaaa, there most certainly should be… though we’ve been going with “world’s longest undefended blog” lately, but that’s more of a tagline than a motto…

      i am sure someone saucy will handle that immediately! at least that’s how things seem to run here in canadica!

      • I love your tagline!
        Perhaps you could start a few pages so everyone can be involved with the important tasks of developing a Canadica Motto (should have a latin version); annoying Official Bird (my vote is the Canada Goose); worthless currency, etc.

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  3. Hi all–Go to ameri-canada.com. It will be a book about Canadians and Americans and how we can work better together (and avoid grandma strip searches!!). I will also start a block after I get some advice, hopefully, from Sweet Mother.

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